Plea for an IT Business Partner or adopting the Startup attitude when facing challenges and problems

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Does the IT function receive all the credit it deserves? Not really!  Surprising, considering IT key role and technologies’ contribution to business success. Maybe business leaders should start adopting the Startup attitude when facing new challenges or consider someone who does as a real Business Partner, like IT Consultants. Here’s why?

I understand that all CFO, CMO and CHRO will tell you that their function is the most valuable within the enterprise but one can’t fail to see that without IT, all these guys would be in trouble, right… or elsewhere!

Nevertheless, even 15 years later, the year-2000 bug still feels like a big knot in the throat for most C-levels, CTOs & CIOs have lost a lot of credibility there. On the other hand, slowly but surely, CTOs & CIOs are slowly gaining higher decision-levels within enterprises.

The CIO & CTO Dilemma regarding its IT Business Partner