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Integration of an ERP within an American Bank Ti environment

American Bank

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One of the largest American Banks bought the software assets of one of our clients. After several months of analysis, the decision was made to keep those critical applications which we had developed and to integrate them within their IT environment, with the necessary task of meeting their safety, deployment and operation requirements.


Install a suite of critical applications and its relevant data in an hyper-structured and ultra-restrictive IT environment in terms of security


  • Integrate new protocols of authentication and accessibility for users, services and applications (security certificates and channel secured)
  • Select all but only the data required to be transferred
  • Purify and modify millions of code lines to make sure:
    • that nothing bound to the former environment remains
    • that the applications can run in the new environment with different versions for diverse tools, OS and products, as well as with the withdrawal and addition of diverse tools and products
    • that the access to the application, by the users, works according to the new access protocols
    • that applications will run on the client side (users’ stations), with a minimum of rights
  • Proceed with the secure transfer of data within a weekend


For the data, we developed a set of SQL scripts to execute the transfers AND a set of scripts to validate the results; these being the most demanding.

For executing the transfer, we have proceeded in phases.

  • Prepare an IT environment as close as possible to the one we seek
  • Compile each module bringing the minimum possible modifications while noting defects to be corrected
  • Inventory, group and prioritize defects and comments
  • Correct code defects while taking into account a very tight schedule
  • Create the tests environments and code the tests scripts
  • Plan and execute phases of tests and modifications

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  • The buyer gets at a low cost a suite of critical applications, the outcome of years of R&D, which confers him a strong competitive advantage in a highly competitive sector
  • The buyer can capitalize on the advantages of this suite of critical applications with all his business units
  • By resorting to call upon the developer’s expertise of to execute the integration of the suite of applications in his environment, the buyer was able to deploy in a lapse of time much shorter than if he had used his own resources


Delivering a suite of applications adapted to their new environment within the time frame allowed and that, by respecting the specific standards of this American Bank in terms of architecture, deployment, operation, security and accessibility.


In this project, Analystik had to cope with the security constraints of "after 2008" and we acquired a very strong experience in the deployment of a suite of critical applications in the American Banking sector, which is something to be proud of.

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