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Sales Intelligence Dashboard Application

GE Capital Canada

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Enterprise on-the-go also means having your most important application at hand… anytime, anywhere!

In a context of fierce competition, to have access to the strategic data of a customer or a representative or an entity, any time, thanks to a Business intelligence application, is certainly a considerable asset.

A graphic dashboard can present a comprehensive view of the business relationship with a client in just a few screen pages or display the whole Sales Funnel of any representative for the current year.

For GE Capital which investments in a tailor-made ERP to automate its financing equipment services (SUM) has not only tremendously increased both productivity and profitability but also enabled total domination over its competition; the decision to make this application accessible anytime, anywhere to its Sales Team was, well… a no-brainer.


A dashboard gathering strategic data to display KPI graphics; per client, representative, branch, etc.


For security reasons and due to its magnitude, the SUM application does not enable Client Account Executives to work from a distance; hence, they had to spend a lot time at the office.

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Key functions

  • KPIs dashboard graphic display
  • Real-time updates of Account Executives pipeline (activities, notes, approvals, etc.) accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time synchronization and totally transparent multiplatform navigation between applications: desktop, web, Outlook, iPad
  • Client Activity Planning anytime, anywhere
  • The Sales Intelligence Dashboard integrates the same security infrastructure


Microsoft Technologies

ASP.Net - .Net C# - WPF

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  • Easier and improved weekly meetings between sales representatives and managers
  • Better perception of Sales Team Performance and current Sales Funnel
  • Reduction of decision-making time for Administrators
  • Improvement of Sales Activities Management
  • Improvement of Prospecting Activities Management
  • Reduction of Sales and Prospecting Activity Planning errors
  • Improvement of Service to Clientele Activities Planning
  • Allowing every level of the Sales & Marketing Department to visualize the state of things, any time


Displaying a global vision of your real-time operations, highlighting cross references of related companies which go beyond data, offering critical information on a Client or identifying a business opportunity for a representative, this pretty much describes the real value of a Business Intelligence Dashboard.

When company resources can benefit from a real-time global view of its sales situation, no matter the level (representative, branch, etc.), it will help remaining ahead of its competitors.

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