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I had the privilege to work with Analystik for 9 years as VP Quality, GE Capital Canada. We adopted a leasing application developed by Analystik, SUM (SALES UTILITY MANAGER), which won General Electric world-wide prize in 2001 for best productivity tool.
Francois Asselin, VP QualitY


GE, and that includes all its business units, has certainly established itself as one of the most successful companies in the world in good part because since she understands the benefits, she has developed a corporate culture centered around innovation the execution of which has translated into the application of a systematic investment policy in R&D and in quality control of its products and process.

Consistently, GE as well as all his subsidiaries apply this culture at every level of their operations including the choice of suppliers for whom it looks for the very same standards in terms of innovation and quality control.

So, when the time came for GE Canada, at the turn of the new Millennium, to identify its priorities of investment for the next few years, she launches a process of selection for a software developer whose main mandate would consist in the improvement of the performance and quality control of its equipment financing sales process. Analystik won that mandate.



The market of equipment financing is a ferocious business where competition is hard. Profit margins are thin and errors are costly.

The calculation of profit margins, ratio of risk and yield of every financing contract had to be revised several times because these calculations are complex, rates vary a lot and thus, errors were frequent. The final approval could take several days, even sometimes weeks, which was a source of income loss.

On the other hand, GE as its competitors counted a high rate of contractual errors which constituted a powerful bottleneck considering that contracts with all legal clauses had to be revised sometimes more than a dozen times before final approval and signature.


Analystik had to automate the whole sales process of equipment financing, from first client contact up to the signature of the legal contract. It had to include the evaluation of the risk, the production of multiple financial scenarios and projected ROI for each, the approval of the financing rate and the generation of all legal documentation including all the documents with all relevant clauses.

Analystik developed SUM (Sales Utility Manager), an ERP integrating an SQL DB, a custom CRM and a Mobile Application.


SUM is composed of 3 main modules:

  • Client Management
  • Quotation Production
  • Documentation Generation

Key Functions

  • Client Management with CRM integrated to Outlook
  • Quotation process automation
  • Credit Approval process automation, also available on Mobile
  • Legal Documentation Generation process automation
  • Sales Performance Business Intelligence
  • Financial Calculus main functions available Online & Offline for secured quotation on the road


Client Management

This module manages all aspects of client relationships, it is integrated with Outlook and with mobile devices. This module manages roles and permissions of SUM users but it also manages changes of territories, attributions of commissions to representatives, the filiations of clients and their subsidiaries and divisions as well as clients with multi-contacts.

Quotation Production (financial calculus)

SUM creates proposals according to diverse financial scenarios while managing the risk via calculation algorithms of latitudes and tolerances according to various levels of rate approval and appropriate terms for every category of loans and clients as well as by calculating the profitability for each financing scenarios.

Documentation Generation

This module executes the conversion of a proposal in a draft contract and allows the various users of the organization (representatives, assistants, administrators (directors), etc.) to generate all the necessary documentation for any given financing contract.

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  • 96 % reduction in contract errors
  • 50 % increase in business volume on the 1st year
  • 20 % annual increase in business volume
  • 10 % increase in employee productivity
  • GE Capital’s employee productivity runs 50 to 250 % superior to competition


Used by more than 350 fixed and mobile users throughout Canada, SUM, the equipment financing ERP, is unquestionably the cornerstone of GE Capital Canada’s unequalled productivity and profitability, not only compared to competitors in Canada but also to all other GE Capital business units throughout the world.

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