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Whoever works in sales knows how complicated and delicate it can be to proceed with a redistribution of sales territories, implying, of course, a just and fair reallocation of commissions and clients.

The difficulty lies in two factors; on one hand, one must ensure that current sales are not lost a nd that a fair compensation is calculated for the representative whose territory is affected as well as for the economic entity to which the representative works for.

On the other hand, one must have planned beforehand the appropriate business rules in terms of cross-selling and reference sales for the initial allocation of clients including the filiation of sibling companies.



The process automation must:

  • Enable batch processing
  • Calculate sales and objectives fulfilled for the representative and entity to which he/she belongs
  • Process territory changes for hundreds of clients and prospects
  • Manage « on-going » transactions
  • Archive territory changes’ history
  • Enforce many specific business rules and process many validations
  • Manage « company groups » which can’t be split, appropriately


Development of a Territory Change Management application integrated with SUM’s Client Management module and with the Sales Performance Management application accessible to representatives and Administrators

Key Functions

  • Automation of territory allocation and reallocation process for clients and prospects created
  • Automation of commissions’ allocation process
  • Integration of territory change process with Sales Performance Business Intelligence application
  • Integration of territory change process with SUM’s Client Management module
  • Optimising the sales representative performance by balancing his/her workload with its experience level
  • Managing « on going » transactions which the new sales representative must take care immediately
  • Archiving data relevant to the history of territory changes a client or a prospect went through
  • Execution of multiple validations through a client or prospect transfer
  • Managing "company groups"

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  • Fair calculation of commissions
  • High reduction of process time itself
  • Respect of number of clients allocated per representative ratio
  • Reduction of client loss due to dissatisfaction or lack of clientele service
  • Reduction of sales resources loss due to dissatisfaction
  • Reduction of sources of conflicts amongst the Sales Team
  • Enhancement of Sales Team Management quality
  • Increase of Sales Performance


In a context of strong competitiveness, establishing a harmonious climate within the Sales Team constitutes an indispensable condition for strong Sales Performance.

Likewise, any good manager must be able to follow his/her Sales Funnel per representative, per branch or division.

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