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Integration of a Web Application to Dynamics CRM

Laurentian Bank

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As part of its growth strategy, BLC has decided to invest in the automation of certain critical business processes including the process of financing its business clientele.

To this end, the BLC decided to call upon Analystik and its great expertise in the finance sector to develop a new application automating its financing process and to integrate it with Dynamics CRM 2016.


Execute the development and transparent integration to Dynamics CRM of a critical application so that users remain unaware they are using it

The market of real estate and commercial financing is a highly competitive one; profit margins are thin and errors are costly.

Consequently, any software development project, as light as can be, having a negative impact on critical applications’ usage or employees’ performance can have dire consequences in terms of profitability.

This includes training and learning time necessary for employees to become efficient with the new application.


Analystik put to good use its EIP platform (Enterprise Integration Platform) to integrate with Dynamics CRM, enhancing it with ERP-type functionalities automating the BLC financing process.

Key Functions

  • Calling "financing request" functionalities directly from Dynamics CRM
  • Calling "documentation generation" functionalities directly from Dynamics CRM
  • Totally transparent integration with Dynamics CRM
  • Automation of yield calculation (ROE)
  • Automation of the management of documents bound to a transaction (DMS)

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  • Actual systems and applications full performance maintained by a parallel software development
  • Reduced employees’ training time and learning curve of the new application by use of the same interface as Dynamics CRM
  • Increase of Sales Team Productivity by quotation process automation


The transparent integration of the commercial financing application to Dynamics CRM will allow the BLC Sales Team to take advantage very quickly of a productivity and profitability level far superior to the competition in both Quebec and Canada.

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