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Financing Process Automation Web Application

Laurentian Bank

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As part of its growth strategy, BLC has decided to invest in the automation of many of its critical business process among which the financing process for its business clientele.

BLC has called upon Analystik for its expertise in the field of finance and EIP, its Enterprise Integration Platform, for its great performances in terms of software development efficiency and quality.


Demontrate the superior capabilities of EIP compared to internal resources in terms of software development

Use this software development project opportunity to optimize the BLC financing process for its business clientele

The market of real estate and commercial financing is a highly competitive one; profit margins are thin and errors are costly.

The calculation of real estate and commercial financing implies many complex calculus involving many departments, each managing its own applications with its own methods and standards.

Calling upon Analystik’s team expertise in the automation of complex financial calculus and its EIP platform conveys many advantages that far outweigh the difficulty of gathering and synchronising the resources of multiple departments and applications within one software development project; among others:

  • Use of the most recent Microsoft technologies
  • Standardized software development respecting best practices and norms
  • Accelerated software development of financing process automation
  • Actual systems and applications full performance maintained by a parallel development
  • Optimal developers’ productivity, thanks to their expertise in the field of finance


With its EIP platform, Analystik has developed an application integrating with many other client applications

Key Functions

  • Totally transparent integration with Dynamics CRM
  • Automation of quotation process
  • Automation of legal documentation generation process including the Letter of Intent
  • Automation of yield calculation (ROE)
  • Automation of the management of documents bound to a transaction (DMS)

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  • Reduction of application software development time and cost
  • Application developed with the most recent Microsoft technologies
  • Enforcement of best practices and standards in software development
  • Actual systems performances maintained by a parallel development
  • Reduction of maintenance and upgrade costs of actual systems
  • Increase of Sales Team Productivity by quotation process automation


Used by all Administrators and sales representatives of the Commercial and Real Estate divisions of BLC, in the end, the application will confer them a level of productivity and profitability far superior to the competition in both Quebec and Canada.

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