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Business Intelligence and Sales Performance Management Web Application

National Bank of Canada

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Business Intelligence and Sales Performance Management Web Application


Banks in Quebec are in perpetual competition for the same consumers in the same market. Besides, the decompartmentalization of financial markets now allows them to sell a whole outfit of financial products and insurances. So, the staff formerly allocated to administrative tasks now dedicates himself more and more to selling. Thus, it is important to be able to gauge their performances and to inform Managers so that they can react adequately and quickly especially during intensive sales periods such as that of the REER.


Gather data of sales KPIs from 19 regions of the province (400 branches) and post on an intuitive and fluid interface

Obtain real-time REER sales campaign KPIs to allow Administrators to react accordingly on a daily basis instead of monthly


Enable effective monitoring of employees’ sales performance in all branches throughout the 19 regions of the province of Quebec


Business Intelligence and Sales Performance Management Application

The application manages sales objectives allocation and distribution among branches and it also enables the comprehensive management of sales such as the follow-up and evaluation process as well as bonus attribution to employees

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Key Functions

  • Automation of data gathering process
  • Calculation of sales per representative
  • Consolidation of all sales data per entity (branch, area…)
  • Real-time Sales Results & KPIs Display on a Dashboard


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90% of branches reach their sales objectives since the implementation of the real-time Sales Performance Dashboard


  • Real-time adjustment of promotion strategy and activities
  • More accurate assessment of sales performance and forecasts
  • Enhanced Sales Team Management quality in terms of objectives
  • Global increase of Sales Performance


In a context of high competitiveness, being able to execute a real-time Sales Funnel assessment, per representative, branch and territory, is certainly a strong competitive advantage

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