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SAQ Wine and Spirits Promotion Agencies

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The Wine and Spirits Promotion Agencies supplying the SAQ can only feed themselves in Business Intelligence from a system compiling SAQ sales raw data.

They must then compile, analyze and interpret these raw data in posteriori, which requires recurring investments of time and resources.

Consequently, they don’t have real-time data allowing instantaneous reactions or decisions on the spot, during visits of branches and territories. In short, they are always behind on the sales performances of their promotions, products and representatives.


Enabling easy interrogation of tremendous amounts of imported data so to extract Business Intelligence

Enabling real-time display and printing of key performance indicators (KPIs) on any device


Getting a clear picture of sales from all SAQ branches in Quebec both at the office or on the road so to enhance marketing strategies’ efficiency for products and territories


Mobile Web application for data gathering and display of sales and promotions performances by product, by branch and by territory

Analystik developed a Business Intelligence application automating data gathering for enhanced planning of sales and marketing activities of Wine and Spirits Promotion Agencies

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Key functions

  • Automation of data gathering process
  • Real-time analysis of large amount of data rendering Promotion Agencies much more proactive
  • Access of Sales KPIs (by branch, by territory and for Quebec) on any device for the Sales Team


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  • More accurate analysis of sales promotions efficiency
  • Enhanced product inventory management and cost control
  • Crystal clear and enlightening picture of sales performance; per product, per branch and, per territory


  • Fast and easy assessment of sales performance of products and promotions, by branches and territories
  • Invaluable Business Intelligence allowing real-time marketing decisions for products and promotions
  • Enhanced Sales and Promotional Activities Planning
  • Improvement of inventory management (JIT)


Undoubtedly, the real-time display of a large number of metrics, in the form of easy to understand graphics, provides an undeniable competitive advantage for Wine and Spirits Promotion Agencies.

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