Enterprise Integraton Platform

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EIP, it’s mobile, web or Windows development… accelerated!

EIP, it’s any IT manager’s dream; a software development platform which minimizes developing time and enhances deliverables quality by automating many developers’ tasks.

The EIP multi-layered event-oriented architecture protects the integrity of IT systems in place by establishing custom communication bridges with them.

This is Analystik’s gift to its clients; EIP, the ideal software development platform for any custom application development required in meeting specific business needs which can’t be met by the actual IT systems in place.


EIP benefits for the client

  • Increase developers’ productivity by 30%
  • Custom development meeting specific business needs not met by the systems in place
  • Deploying the most recent Microsoft technologies
  • Development in parallel to systems in place
  • Maintaining actual systems performances with parallel development
  • Reduction of actual systems updates and maintenance cost
  • Enforcing best practices and norms of the field
  • Standardization of development methods
  • Reduction of development time and cost

Start optimizing your performance now!

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