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Software Development in Distributed Mode

What value can Analystik bring to you at the time of COVID-19 and post-confinement?

Software Projects ReBoot Plan

(SCRUM, priorities, resource allocation, quality control, testing, etc.)

This plan will also include sprints and alerts/calls for problem resolution. We can:

  • Participate in the planning of your project activities
  • Advise you on improving your digital platforms
  • Initiate the starting of new software development project
  • Help you relaunch your projects in terms of resources
  • Ensure that your distributed software development process is optimized
  • Ensure that IT is well aligned with your Software Project Restart Plan

Designing Profitable Solutions

Analystik has progressed for more than 30 years now in sync with the lightning evolution of both technologies and software development methodologies but our approach to client has remained the same:
Adding value to your enterprise by building on measurable gains.

Adding value to your enterprise

Understanding your challenges and your growth and profitability objectives is the first and foremost task for our experts looking at each software development project as a challenge to deliver significant gains for our clients, at three levels:

  • Increasing employees productivity
  • Enhancing business process performance
  • Providing Intelligence availability, anytime, on any device

Start optimizing your performance now!

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